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  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Decouple prediction and estimation of models with fit_setting_contacts to fit models, and predict_setting_contacts to predict. Fixes #7
  • Implement parallelisation with furrr. Resolves #31
  • Change argument of fit_setting_contacts from survey_population to just population
  • Reduce vignette size, closes #28
  • Add transmission probability data from Eyre et al., closes #39
  • Add household adjustment - #41
  • Added setting weights, related to #44 (but no longer Eyre weights)
  • Added apply_vaccination to take in vaccination rates of ages and apply to contact matrices #40
  • Data from get_polymod_population has been revised as a result of the socialmixr package being updated to version 0.2.0, where the world population data has been updated to 2017 by switching from the wpp2015 to wpp2017 package. We have explored the new data and found it to be very similar and should not introduce any errant errors. See the exploration here.
  • Added new print methods for: conmat_setting_prediction_matrix, conmat_prediction_matrix, ngm_setting_matrix, setting_contact_model, setting_vaccination_matrix, and setting_data, see #116. Main change is that list objects don’t return the entire list and output but a summary of the list contents and details on what that object contains.
  • Added a new S3 method for conmat_population to avoid fragile use of the lower.age.limit variable name. This resolves #77.